Education work in the UK

Over the last eight we have successfully delivered 100's of workshops as we travelled to all parts of England, including venues in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, Sussex, North Yorkshire, Surrey, London and, Wales, Birmingham, Bristol, Hampshire. We worked with more than 100 Schools and approximately 9000 students in 300 workshops and several one-week residencies.

We hope to develop this strong Bhangra music and dance educational programme for schools in the UK in 2012

We already have a number of workshops booked for 2012 in different areas of England and we are always looking for new schools to work with in the culturally diverse arts.

 Please drop us an email for more information about workshop and residential projects or visit the Learning Zone page.


We have received outstanding feedback from many venues but we would especially like to share feedback from students at Tillingbourne Junior School in Surrey. After the successful one-day Bhangra music and dance workshops, conducted by Jaswinder Singh, we received fantastic letters from more than 30 students.

I especially liked it when you demonstrated playing instruments to us, and I think you are very proficient in playing them.
Felix Harvey Jefferson, Tillingbourne Junior School

I really liked the whole dance but I thought that one of best parts of the dance was the bit where you swapped around places with partners.
Samantha, year 6

It was fun to experience Bhangra dancing. You taught it very well!

Dear Jas, thank you very much for coming to our school to teach my group how to do Indian dance, I had a fantastic time.
Katie Reid

I liked the dance and the music but I didn’t liked holding hands with boys! You were very fast in playing flutes and you did it very well! Thanks
Crizel Castco

Dear Jazz
Thank you so much for the amazing lesson. I would say you are a brilliant teacher. (Personally) I wished you could have taught me more dances. Thanks for the great dance, fun, the education and enjoyment of it all.
Elliott Cameron. Year 6

When you held the flutes with beads I though that looked cool! When we were about to start I was really nervous but then I gained confidence. Thank you for the brilliant morning.
Sam Gough Year 6

It was hard to get all the moves in the right in the right order, but in the end I got the hang of it. The music you played was amazing and I wish I could play as well as you.

Everyone in my class thought that your dance was brilliant. (I thought it was!) I really hope you will visit again and I know that everyone will absolutely love it!
Lara Nickells year 6

I found it difficult at first but your guidance gradually made me feel more confident.
Adam Simmons

You were really friendly; you explained what we had to do and corrected us in a polite way when we got bits wrong. It was quite amazing that you can breathe in and blow out at the same time while playing your instrument, if I played my saxophone for an hour I would probably die at the end, but you can play for hours on end!
Hannah Lewis

I though it was amazing when you played two whistles at the same time, while breathing in without pausing, I really enjoyed it. I thought it was funny when some of the boys made a big fuss about holding hands with girls while dancing for no reason!
William Parsons

Dear Jas, thank you so much for coming to our school. I enjoyed dancing with you and your music was great. Can you come again some time to school?
Eliot G


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